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    the pink and black is so fucking cute but literally all my pole clothes (and workout clothes in general right down to my sneakers smh) are pink and black. ALL OF THEM.

     maybe i should go with white

    These are gorgeous!

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      it’s always the sites like that that have the best stuff for decent prices. there’s so many sites saved in my bookmarks...
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      These are gorgeous!
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      http://www.discountstripper.com/wrap-around-short-set-2151.aspx i know the site name sounds like a joke, but it’s legit...
    6. beautyofpole said: the white looks better in my opinion =] and from where ? :o i feel like getting one as well?
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    9. lucidkt said: I like the B&W =)
    10. wearetheeast said: I think the white would make your hair stand out really nicely.
    11. marlyforya said: I’d go for the black & pink!